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Investment Strategy

We didn't have the intention to create a fund, investing in startup/growth companies. We simply set out to become great entrepreneurs. However, after achieving a level of success and capital, we are in the position to help others.

Starting, growing, and operating successful businesses as entrepreneurs, we realized first hand the great freedoms of this country, and the great freedoms of being an entrepreneur. As such, we want to lead the mission to help other businesses achieve success, freedom, and to live the American Dream.

We aim to invest in companies that we understand, companies that make sense, and companies who have great leaders. Integrity, trust, and honesty are the most important values we look for.

Our typical investment is in the range of $10,000-30,000 of startup/growth funding, however we have the capacity to offer more or less depending on the opportunity.

Our role as an investor is typically in the form of a capital contribution, as well as advisory knowledge and expertise in creating processes and systems framework to scale.

About Us


We Are Entrepreneurs

We have over a decade of first-hand startup and entrepreneurship experience. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how to solve real-world problems and not just concepts. We have mastered the craft of bootstrapping and efficiency.


A Proven Approach

Our founder has won many prestigious awards, such as Inc. 500, Deloitte Fast 500, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Stevie Awards, and many others. We say this not to brag, but to demonstrate that we have achieved success, and have the knowledge and experience to help get your business to the next level.


We Are Real People

We highly believe in work/life balance. While we are calculated business people and entrepreneurs, we also like to enjoy the fun things in life. We strive to be around fun people who also enjoy similar extracurricular activities.

Contact Us

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